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Folding 5' Wheelchair Ramp

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Product Details
  • Safety Feature: We create the rough, non-slip surface for durability, ensuring it won't peel off. This improves the wheelchair's grip on inclines. The wheel chair ramp has safety features like transition plates for a snug fit.
  • Solid Structure: This ramp for steps with aluminum alloy frame features reinforcement welding, no rust, no corrosion. Suit for indoor and outdoor activities on both rainy and sunny days.
  • Use Anywhere: This folding ramp can be built to tackle any obstacle, whether an entrance, curb, steps, or even a van door, good application with most manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walkers and bicycles.
  • Convenient Storage. Transport and storage are simplified with this aluminum ramp's folding design and carrying handle and bag. Suggest two people to move the wheelchair ramp.
  • : If you need help choosing the correct size of a wheelchair ramp, please call us.
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