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Beasy Sliding Transfer Board

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BeasyTrans Systems™ is the industry leader for the highest quality, high functioning transfer systems. Our premium “No-Lift” transfer boards allow patients to safely transfer with no lifting, tugging or twisting, reducing injuries to both the patient and the caregiver.

Strong and Flexible

Made from State-of-the-Art DuPont™ spun fiberglass Minlon® materials that can support up to 400 lbs., so all patients can transfer with confidence and dignity. Our Beasy team hand finishes and packages each transfer system to assure you receive the highest quality product that will last a lifetime.

Reduce Risk of Injury

The unique design of the gliding, rotating seat allows caregivers to transfer with natural movement and no lifting. Gliding, instead of lifting patients to their destination, reduces the risk of injury to shoulder, back, leg and arm muscles to both patient and caregiver.

Tissue Friendly

Many patients have fear of skin tears, or irritation to pressure sores with standard transfer boards. Beasy technology places the user on a safe, stable seat. As the seat glides easily across the base of the system, the weight and friction of the transfer is absorbed by the seat, not the patient’s skin and tender bones.

Improved Independence

Once people use Beasy transfer systems, the fear of transferring starts to diminish. Realizing that the possibilities are endless, gives back the confidence to get into a car, transfer in an airplane, and just feel good about getting into the shower. Some have even returned to work.

For those who are able to be cleared by a doctor or physical therapist for independent transfers, our transfer systems can be the difference between living independently at home, or in a care community

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